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Understanding IDs

People who are placed under arrest and charged with suspected driving while intoxicated offenses in New Jersey will want to learn about the potential consequences they may face if they end up being convicted for this type of charge. Among the various penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction is the loss of driving privileges. A driver...

Criminal Defense

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Women: Is your divorce hard on your heart?

Divorce is heartbreaking, as anyone can tell you. However, getting a divorce may literally be bad for your heart, as a recent study suggests. You and other New Jersey residents may want to learn about the potential link divorce has with the risk of heart attacks. According to Time, women may have an increased risk of heart attack after just one divorce,...


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Critiquing breathalyzer accuracy

One who has been arrested and charged with drunk driving in Paterson may believe that challenging such an accusation is impossible (especially if what prompted their arrest was the result of a roadside breath test. Yet breathalyzer accuracy has long been debated; indeed, information shared by the National Motorists Association shows that the margin...

Criminal Defense

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Speed, drinking continue to claim lives

If you are like most people in New Jersey, you have driven past your share of car accidents. If you are lucky, most of these have been minor collisions that have not resulted in serious harm to any person. Unfortunately, this does not mean that serious accidents do not happen. You only need to scan news headlines to learn that vehicular fatalities...

Personal Injury

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