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Legal Guidance Through A Difficult Time

No one anticipates getting divorced. When it happens to you, it can feel devastating and extremely disheartening. When life as you know it seems like it’s completely changing, our attorneys at Sciro & Marotta, P.C., can guide you through the divorce process, treating your case with the respect and dedicated attention it deserves.

Experience In Both Collaborative And Combative Settings

Divorces are very often stressful, fraught situations. A lot can be at stake and both you and your estranged spouse want your side to prevail. We can assist you with the following issues that rise to the surface during a divorce:

  • Child custody (seeking physical or legal custody, determining child support or visitation rights)
  • Property division (following equitable distribution rules, determining marital and nonmarital property and more)
  • Alimony (determining whether spousal support may be pursued and how it may be calculated)
  • Other family law matters that could be integrated with your divorce

Many soon-to-be ex-spouses first attempt an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method to come to an agreement without stepping into the courtroom. ADR methods can allow for a more collaborative and cooperative divorce, which can be ideal especially for couples with children. However, there certainly are situations where litigation may either be the only way to resolve the issues at hand or may be used as a last resort if another method was unable to help you reach an agreement. Our lawyers understand that each situation is unique and may warrant a different approach. We will encourage and support a collaborative divorce but should it be taken to the courtroom, we have the trial experience necessary to effectively protect your interests.

Let A Skilled Attorney Advocate For You

Divorce is a complicated process that isn’t easy for anyone to go through. Our attorneys at Sciro & Marotta, P.C., can provide the guidance and experience you need for the legal process to go as smoothly as possible. Learn more about how we can assist by calling our city of Paterson office at 866-426-5123 or by submitting an inquiry online.

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