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Keeping a divorce from carrying over into the workplace

Because divorce is such a serious change for many couples in New Jersey, it is virtually impossible for them to prevent their emotions and concerns from reflecting in their demeanor. In many cases, people may notice that their ability to focus in other areas of their life is hindered by the incessant flow of difficult emotions that are taking place in relation to their personal circumstances. People may need to disclose a general description of their situation to their employer as part of their efforts to generate understanding from the people they work with each day.

According to Psychology Today, one method that people can use is to create an elevator speech centered around their divorce. They can articulate what is happening in a manner that is informative and concise. A person’s effort to explain their divorce without oversharing or being negative is critical to their ability to discuss what is happening with class, respect and civility. From the onset of a person’s divorce, they should decide how much they are willing to share in order to protect themselves and those they love. suggests that people contact the human resources department of their employer right away. More likely than not, they will need information about their benefits if the courts require that information to negotiate how assets will be split between them and their spouse. People should also prioritize their mental health and do things that will allow them to stay focused and effective at their job. Another suggestion is that people consider having a meeting with their boss to discuss important details so management can be more sympathetic if court meetings or dates conflict with work commitments


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