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Sayreville man accused of sexual abuse

Allegations of abuse against children may often prompt anger in community members in Paterson. When that abuse is reported to be sexual, that anger can be even further compounded. The fact that it was allegedly perpetrated against kids may cause many to rush to judgment and assign guilt to those accused before even allowing the facts of a case to come out. Even when those facts are released, people may already be so deeply prejudiced that they may have already formed their opinions. It should be remembered, however, that judgments should be reserved until a clear case is present.

In the reporting of alleged sexual abuse, however, clarity is not something that is made immediately available. One need look no further than the arrest of a school teacher from Sayreville to confirm this fact. The teacher (who had been working at his school since 2005) allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with a minor student. Details of the conduct were not released other local Department of Education officials calling the incident deeply disturbing. The school has announced that the teacher will not be permitted to work there while the investigation into his alleged crimes is ongoing.

Any accusations of abuse against children may be “deeply disturbing;” that does not necessarily mean, however, that the person accused of them is indeed guilty, or whether the conduct they are accused to have been involved in them warrants any punitive action. Defendants in such cases may need to fight to ensure that this is remembered. There fight may be much easier if they have criminal defense attorney to assist them with it.

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