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The holidays raise special worries about drunk driving

On behalf of Sciro & Marotta, P.C. posted in personal injury on Monday, December 10, 2018.
At any time of the year, drunk driving can cause great harm. Just how significant of a traffic safety issue drunk driving is here in New Jersey can be seen in state statistics. Over the past five years, New Jersey has seen around 38,000 alcohol-related crashes. These accidents led to over 700 fatalities.

Special concerns related to drunk driving can come up over the holidays. This is due to things such as the prominent role alcohol can play at holiday parties and festivities and the high traffic levels that the holidays can see.

The possibility of the holidays seeing upped drunk driving dangers is one of the reasons why police sometimes have special drunk driving law enforcement efforts over the holidays. Last Friday was the start of such a special enforcement effort here in New Jersey. This enforcement effort will go until New Year’s Day.

Given the harm drunk driving can cause over the holiday season, one hopes that for the upcoming holidays, all drivers in the state will take care to avoid getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Prevention steps drivers can take include setting up plans for alternate transportation to and from parties and activities they are going to where they plan to drink. There are many options people have on this front including:

  • Taking public transit
  • Getting a rideshare
  • Getting a taxi
  • Having a designated driver

If possible, staying the night at the location of the event/activity
People can suffer great harm in auto accidents caused by drunk drivers. Skilled personal injury attorneys can help people injured by intoxicated drivers during the holiday season or at other times of the year fight for the compensation they need for recovering from the effects of their injuries.

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